Rangu Telugu Movie First Look Released

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Rangu Telugu Movie First Look Released

           Rangu movie 80percent of shooting had been completed. Team members had released the movie first look on the occasion of tanish birthday.Tanish started his career with the movie Memu Vayasuku Vacham in telugu. Though he acted in less movies he got fame by that movies in which he acted.Tanish acted in Pandavulu Pandavulu thumedha as lucky who cannot speak. Movie production is done under Rainbow Arts under U&I Entertaiments banner.Hero in this movie is Tanish And Heroine character is done by priya singh. Movie is the incident which had happened really in vijayawada based on that incident movie shooting is been doing. Stunning incident in this movie is people who are present at the time  when the incident had happened are acting in this movie and the shooting had been taking place where the incident had happened. Lead characters of the movie Rangu is Tanish,Priya singh,Parchuri Ravvindranadh ,Shafi , Parchuri Venkateshwar Rao, Posani Krishna Murali etc.,

      Movie is going to be good because it is a real based incident film and the cgaracters who are acting in this movie are maximum the people who are present at that situation. And it is also going to be a suspense to people.